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During our 25 years of working in health and safety we have consistently observed that the current methods of manually applied infection controls are failing to control and eliminate the bio hazards.

Our industry leading touch less system delivers you an advanced disinfecting control that eliminates 99.9999% of germs, molds and bacteria.

01. Proactive

Our electrostatic touchless disinfection services delivers you a 6-log, 99.9999% efficient and effective infection control system.

03. the new standard

This the new standard suited for today’s intense infection control environment.

02. Effective

Our electrostatic charged Disinfection System achieves a uniform whole room disinfection.


We are an ISO certified company holding ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45002 certification

Years of experience

Our services protect your environment using a range of touch less delivery methods, that are safe to be used on electrical equipment and all surfaces, non corrosive and environmental friendly

Don't approach life's challenges by being "reactive"
Be "proactive" and prepare for the possibilities before they happen

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We serve you, protecting your business, your home, your environment

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All of our products are certified industryleading  products that are safe, Eco-friendly and highly effective with a broad spectrum efficacy.

Using the class leading dry mist dispensing equipment we deliver a fine dry mist of positively charged hydroxide ions which are attracted to the negatively charged surfaces killing 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses, spores and molds including fungi.
The disinfection process breaks down to harmless water, oxygen and ionic silver.
This leaves an invisible layer of ionic silver that dissipates slowly providing a powerful antimicrobial layer that is harmless to humans and animals.
The process is safe on sensitive electronics and causes no damage to the equipment or surfaces leaving no residues or unpleasant smells which are associated with other disinfectants.
Our system is a through, cost effective and highly effective, call us today to ask how we can assist you with your pathogen control program.

Whole room fogging
Whole room sterilization
Safe of electrical equipment

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