Proactive and Decontamination

To meet our residential clients needs we have developed three unique services

The first service addresses decontaminating your property due to an illness or contact with a contagious illness or a virus such as coronavirus.  

The second service is a unique service offered by Sanitise, you move into a property that is your new home, but what unpleasant unseen surprises have the previous owners or builders left you behind. 

The third service is designed for landlords, letting agencies, local authorites and housing associations.


Proactive and decontamination Residential Services


If you or a member of your  family comes into contact with a contagious illness or a virus such as coronavirus, you will be worried about passing on this to other members inside your home.

We can assist you in decontaminating your home, even in the lock down conditions. The process usually takes around 90 minutes and then it is safe to return back to your home.

The first stage involves disinfection of the exterior of the entrance door to prevent cross contamination.

The second decontamination stage starts from the furthest room from the entrance point, usually the bedrooms, working backward to the exit point.

Our touchless specialized aerosol system provides the most complete coverage and disinfection of your home.

New Home

We know how exciting it is to move into a new home and how the first thing we try and do, as we continue to offload the boxes, furniture and equipment is to start cleaning the home.

Not only is this an incredibly stressful and busy time on the moving day, the last thing anyone wants to worry about, is what unseen germs, bacteria or viruses have the previous tenants, owners or builders left behind for you.

We can in less than an 90 minutes sanitise the property before you move in, using our touchless disinfecting system which has a kill rate of 99.9999% of all known germs, including the coronavirus.

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Landlord Services

The third service is designed for landlords, letting agencies, local authorities and housing associations.

Your existing tenants may leave the property in an unsanitary condition, or live in conditions judged to be unsanitary with health concerns to themselves and potentially other tenants in shared building.

Our process can be applied without the need to remove additional tenants from their property and with no additional safety requirements outside the area being treated.

Your tenants may leave behind unseen potentially hazard pathogens which we can help to eliminate before your next tenant moves into the property.

The process is non toxic, contains no fragrances and leaves no residue on the surface.

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Sanitise Prices 2020

A virus in the nose and mouth is spread by coughing, sneezing and by touching surfaces around the home .

The droplets ejected at high speed from a cough or sneeze vary in size from a few thousandths of a millimetre to a couple of millimetres. 

The larger ones fall within a metre or so, but many are small enough to float through the air around you to be breathed in by other people or settle on surfaces over 10m away, including the ceiling in a room.


Spray pattern comparisons 

Traditional sprays versus touchless electrostatic spraying

The market leading disinfectants we use are ideally suited for the disinfection of pre-cleaned surfaces with our foggers and electrostatic sprayers. Above is the various traditional methods of applying cleaners or disinfectants, the surfaces are not fully coated with the liquids running off the surface, with the electrostatically sprayed disinfectant, the entire surface of the bulb is coated in a uniform 360 degree delivery, and the disinfectant remains on the surface killing all of the bacteria and viruses.

Being a touchless system we eliminate the cross contamination of traditional spray and wipe techniques, which fails to kill and remove viruses and bacteria due to the inadequate application process and hard to reach areas.

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