Our product for the medical and emergency services sector

Our disinfectant for heavily contaminated surfaces/organic contamination for use in the medical and emergency services is a very flexibly applicable universal disinfectant with long-lasting depot effect. This has a higher content of active ingredients and is therefore also suited for disinfecting heavily contaminated or organically contaminated surfaces. This makes it the ideal product wherever thorough cleaning is not possible prior to disinfection.

The product of choice in:

  • The medical and emergency services sector
  • Remediation of water damage
  • Meat/fish processing

Short info:

Suitability: – Surface disinfection, aerosol disinfection, room disinfection, spray disinfection
Product type: – Supplied ready to use to avoid unnecessary delays in the start of the operation
Effectiveness: – Bacteria, viruses, yeasts and fungi
Contact time: 1 – 60 min.
Active ingredients: 3% Hydrogen peroxide, 0.006 silver

Working Principle

The active substance used is hydrogen peroxide. In a complex manufacturing procedure, the active substance is stabilized and boosted with silver, thus achieving a greatly improved effectiveness against micro-organisms. The traces of silver remaining on the treated surfaces are not visible. However, they efficiently inhibit a renewed contamination.

The elemental oxygen (O2) separated by the hydrogen peroxide attacks the cell walls of the micro-organisms directly. The chemical reaction between the oxygen and the cell wall molecules will cause these to be denatured and destroyed. This effect is intensified by the silver ions which form a bond with the disulphide bridge of certain proteins of micro-organisms, thereby inactivating or precipitating these proteins.

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